On Sunday, Feb. 25, 4 p.m., Seed Artists presents the return of the “&” series at 73 See Gallery, 73 Pine St., with a percussion electronics duo, “Turning Jewels into Water.” Val Jeanty plays Afro-electronica, rooted in voodoo culture from her native Haiti. Ravis Momin plays music of India, North Africa and the Middle East, “by way of improvisational jazz.”

In a release, Seed Artists writes: This new project with composer/ percussionist/turntablist Val Jeanty arose from her participation in a jam session at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY while Momin was artist-in-residence there in September of 2017.  Their collaboration, rooted in improvisation shaped by ritual, evokes the esoteric realms of the creative subconscious.  Drawing from the voodoo religion, Val recreates the ancient rhythm and pulse of Haiti through digital beats, while Momin, whose own musical background is rooted Indian, North African and Middle-eastern traditions, has developed an original blend of electro-acoustic beats, drawing together the improvisational traditions in Jazz and Indian music.  Together they explore the capabilities of new technologies to create a seamless blend of multiple electronic and acoustic instruments.

The Gallery also has exhibitions coming up in town and in Newark.

The Jewish Museum of New Jersey, located at Congregation Ahavas Sholom, in Newark, presents, with 73 See Gallery and Design Studio, an exhibition titled “Threading the Needle.”

The exhibition will have a public opening and reception on Saturday, March 3, 6-9 p.m. “Threading the Needle” is a group show of artists working in the medium of textiles/fabric. It will be on display through April 15.

In addition, “Rising From the Ashes,” featuring works of Carol J. Cohn, originally shown at 73 See Gallery and Design Studio in Montclair, will open on Sunday, March 11 at The Jewish Museum of New Jersey in Newark.

For more information, visit 73seegallery.com.