The Creativity Caravan is partnering with Montclair artist Elizabeth Smith Jacobs to hold mixed media classes, workshops and camps. The inaugural class, African Shekere, takes place Sunday, Feb. 25. It is part of The Maker Studio, in which Jacobs will be teaching and hosting an eclectic variety of focused workshops at her home studio, a five-minute walk from The Creativity Caravan and three blocks south of the Montclair Art Museum.   

A shekere is a percussion instrument of West African origin consisting of a hollow gourd covered with a loose netting on which beads, shells or seeds are strung, played by shaking. In this workshop, participants will learn how to create this webbing, while adorning it with an assortment of beads and embellishing the exposed gourd with a pyrography (burning) tool.

The class is suitable for ages 12 and up and is limited to six students. All materials are included. For more information, call 201-259-9801 or email