by Andrew Garda

It’s been an interesting journey for senior Elizabeth Cummings. After spending three years with the sprinters, her coaches told her they wanted her to join the distance group.

It wasn’t an easy transition.

“At first I was fighting it,” Cummings said during a rain delay at the Group IV championship meet this past weekend. “I was like ‘Oh I don’t want to do this, I miss my friends,’ because I had been with the sprinters since freshman year.”

Still, coach Sophia Kenny and coach Daryl Washington must have known what they were doing, as Cummings excelled at it once she embraced the shift.

“When I finally decided to stop fighting it and be more comfortable with it, it just kind of clicked for me,” Cummings said.

The transition could have made her senior year rough, but Cummings said it was one of the best she’s ever had and that’s something she credits to the people around her.

“Coach Kenny and Coach Washington both helped me a lot this season, even when I doubted myself,” she said. “They were really there for me. My parents were also there for me a lot this season, and also my teammates.”

Cummings liked it so much that when she arrives at Towson University next fall, she’ll be running distance and cross country.

Embracing change is what college is all about, and it appears like Cummings is willing to keep doing that.

She was also willing to give us a few minutes and answer questions for this week’s Athlete’s Spotlight:

What do you do for fun?

I work at Bareburger. I’m also a lifeguard. I love going swimming with my friends. And we go to the movies, but on Tuesdays though because it’s five dollars at AMC. Just hanging out with my friends.

Is there a genre you guys go to see?

We usually just go and see what’s out. So we’ll see scary movies, romantic movies, adventure movies — whatever is out that we think is interesting, we’ll go.

Do you know what you will study at Towson?

Elementary education. I want to be a principal. I love kids, I love teaching and right now for my senior option, I’m at Nishuane. And I’m in love with the kids and it’s really preparing me and telling me I’m actually good at it.

Are you looking to be Coach Kenny down the road?

I don’t know. Maybe. I’m just going to let God take me wherever he wants me. I guess I could. We’ll see.