Montclair’s homework policy and the district’s equity policy were two of the main items discussed during Wednesday night’s Board of Education meeting at the George Inness Annex.
At the start of the meeting, a group of seven Montclair High School students appeared before the board and presented their thoughts on current amounts of homework. Some of their concerns included students not getting enough hours of sleep a night, teachers not having a professional day to deal specifically with homework, and students having to balance extracurricular activities and college preparation with homework.
For the equity policy, the board heard a presentation from Dr. Kendra Johnson, the district’s assistant superintendent for equity. She gave the board an explanation of the district’s plans for addressing equity and diversity in the schools over the next few years; the presentation also included status updates on the the Undoing Racism project, Title I procedures and ongoing issues involving the Office of Civil Rights.
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-Erin Roll