by Andrew Garda

Massillon, Ohio - It was a rough night for the Montclair High School football team as the Mounties fell to the Washington High School Tigers, 49-7.

Things started well for Montclair as Walter King intercepted Massillon quarterback Aiden Longwell and returned it for a touchdown.

After that, things went downhill quickly.

Montclair fumbled the next two kickoffs, giving the Tigers outstanding field position, which Massillon used to score.

Before they knew it, the Mounties were looking at a 21-7 deficit. Montclair also fumbled a punt on 4th and 38, which the Tigers turned into another touchdown, making it 35-7.

Running back/linebacker Jamir Thomas opened up the second half with a 65-yard run to the end zone and if the Mounties had thought they might put together a comeback like West Orange did in Week 1 was crushed.

The Massillon faithful were out ion full force Friday night as their Tigers beat Montclair 49-7.
The Massillon faithful were out ion full force Friday night as their Tigers beat Montclair 49-7.

Thomas, who finished the day with 131 yards and a touchdown, was as advertised. Given the Mounties issues tackling running backs in the first two weeks, it should come as no surprise that a back like Thomas made life tough. There were periods where the Mounties bottled him up, but you can't arm-tackle a running back like Thomas, and eventually Montclair paid for it.

Longwell, who the Mounties knew could throw the ball, was even better than he looked on film. The junior quarterback dropped a dime for a 70-plus yard touchdown which flew most of the distance in the air.


He and Willie Matthews met a few times in the backfield, but Matthews only sacked him once and while the front seven of the Montclair defense played well on passing downs, the secondary had a hard time with the very tall and speedy Massillon receivers.

Massillon was as advertised and while the Mounties have talent, you don't let a team like the Tigers set up on short fields and get a lead and win a ballgame. Too many turnovers put the team on their backs, and there was no getting up once things went south.

The Mounties have a week to prepare for what will be an East Orange team that has to be smelling blood in the water. The Mounties can still turn things around, assuming they hear this drubbing as the wakeup call it is.

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