Some adjustments have been made to the ongoing repairs at Glenfield Middle School.

In December, a building inspection revealed structural defects in the attic timbers.

Two second-floor classrooms, located directly under the location where the structural damage was discovered, have been closed since December as well.

On April 15, the Board of Education approved additional repairs in the attic, including relocating light switches and installing additional framing. The contingency order includes relocating three switches from room 337 to a closet located off of the boys’ bathroom. The cost of that work will be $2,210. Other work includes moving two conduits for attic lighting to make room for new ductwork at a cost of $1,140, and new wood framing at a cost of $2,211. The amount comes to $5,561, which leaves $4,438 remaining in the contingency allowance set aside for the Glenfield work.

In October, the district contracted with EACM Corporation, based in Sea Bright, to carry out the repair work at Glenfield. EACM had submitted a bid of $146,500 for the work.

The inspections of Glenfield and the other school buildings in the district were prompted by the partial collapse of a staircase at Montclair High School in September. The same inspection found that work was needed at some of the other schools. Nishuane was found to need repairs to some of its staircases.

—Erin Roll