Montclair High School students have moved out of the trailers, now that construction has been completed on the school’s staircases. 

The school announced last week that the trailers would no longer be used for classes starting on Monday, Nov. 11.  Students were asked to check the Genesis online portal for instructions on where their classes would meet. 

In September 2018, one of the staircases at Montclair High School partially collapsed. At the recommendation of the district’s architects and engineers, all four staircases in the original section of the high school were to be replaced.

Due to classrooms on the second and third floors of the original building being closed off, the high school brought in four classroom trailers, containing a total of eight classrooms, and set them up in the parking lot. 

The district held the last inspections for the staircases on Nov. 5. Construction was to officially be completed over the weekend of Nov. 9 and 10.