Montclair High School is getting its classroom trailers, but it may be a bit longer before the trailers are officially up and running.

Two of the four trailers had arrived at the school on the scheduled day of Oct. 24. However, in a letter sent to parents Monday, Superintendent Kendra Johnson said the ADA ramps for the trailers were on backorder.

"While delivery of the temporary classrooms began today, the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps that fit the temporary classrooms are on backorder. Said ramps will arrive in the days to follow, and we now have a tentative date for fully operational temporary classrooms in the first-second week of November," Johnson said.

The trailers are being used as temporary classroom space, after a staircase collapse in the high school led to the closing of 31 classrooms. The main building will be closed down on May 20 for asbestos remediation.

A revised parking map was sent to high school parents on Sunday, showing that students could park on Central, N. Fullerton and Midland avenues, while staff would be parking on Chestnut, James and Park streets and Midland Avenue due to the trailers taking up space in the school lot.

In addition, the school is investigating whether the parking lots at Immaculate Conception High School and Lackawanna Plaza may be used as staff parking.

Johnson said she could not confirm what the district's plans were regarding the use of the two parking lots, including how staff would get to the school from the parking lots.