Montclair Township launched its newly-redesigned website today with a new, more modern look and feel; a user-friendly platform for residents, businesses and visitors and a responsive design which allows users to engage with the web platform on mobile devices.

For the new site design, Montclair employed CivicLive – a developer specializing in creative web and citizen engagement solutions for governments and government agencies.

“We looked at a number companies specializing in government web solutions and ultimately selected CivicLive based on their designs and services,” said Deputy Township Manager Brian Scantlebury.

The deputy manager served on the township website re-design committee, along with Assistant Planner Graham Petto, IT Director Tony Fan and Communications Director Katya Wowk.

“The new website better aligns Montclair with other local governments to improve information delivery and increase transparency of municipal functions,” said Petto. “It also increases utility significantly with a responsive design that allows for use on mobile and tablet devices.  The benefits to residents, visitors and business of Montclair are immense.”

In addition to a new website, Montclair also launched Swift911 – a world-class emergency alert system.

“METS, our previous notification app, served us well for more than six years, but it was time to move to a more robust system with much more functionality,” said Scantlebury. “Most importantly, Swift911 is backed by a fault-tolerant network which enables the system to continue operating, should one or more delivery components go down.”

The new alert system also provides the ability to plot specific areas or neighborhoods to deliver messages only to the populations that may be affected by specific circumstances.

“The advantages to this are truly remarkable. For example, should a particular area be affected by a power outage or water main break, we can deliver messages to those who are directly affected,” said Scantlebury.

Swift911 will alert subscribers to emergencies and other time-sensitive events via multiple contact methods including voice, text, email, fax and social media and syndicates messages via RSS and CAP/IPAWS.