For nearly the last year and a half, I've had the intense honor of working with one of the best teams in local news — Montclair Local Nonprofit News' editors, reporters and other staff, all working not only to serve the community in earnest, but to help develop an organizational and financial model that lets us do so indefinitely even in trying times for the news industry.

Soon, I'll start on the next phase of my own journey as a journalist. I've accepted a position with New York Public Radio, as an editor focused on New Jersey and New York suburbs for WNYC and Gothamist. I hadn't expected to move on from Montclair Local so soon after arriving, but I'm deeply honored by NYPR's trust in me to take on this new and exciting role.

Montclair Local's team is an extraordinary one. It had been long before I got here, when our founder, Heeten Choxi, and a group of local journalists resolved to fill a hole created as other news organizations cut back, and started a new publication. It'll continue to be an extraordinary team long after I've moved on.

I'm leaving our work in the capable hands of journalists like our associate editor, Jaimie Julia Winters; our general assignment reporter, Talia Wiener; our sports writer, Edward Kensik; our copy editor, Joe Dziublenski; and our indefatigable paginator Andrea Bondy. Business manager Jack Marflak and fundraising director David Katowitz, working with our governing body, will continue in their own leadership roles, guiding the organization itself. Our team's valued work is only bolstered by that of the many talented freelancers who are part of the extended Montclair Local family. They all continue to build on the dedication and devotion of former staffers who've made Montclair Local's growth to date possible. Even as I transition out, we may be growing our reporting team further in the coming weeks.

I'll have more to say on the transition in the coming weeks, with my departure scheduled toward the end of June. For now, our board is working on interim steps and recruitment plans. Once we're ready to advertise for any openings on our team, we'll do so here at and elsewhere.

Thank you, Montclair, for the warm embrace you've shown me and Montclair Local in my time here. I'm incredibly grateful.

— Louis C. Hochman
Montclair Local editor in chief & CEO

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