Montclair Local's new events calendar is now live. Going forward, as we receive submissions, we'll be adding them to this list — what we hope will ultimately become the best online resource for finding events in Montclair.

We'd previously been running many events announcements as separate "briefs" and announcements on our site, but those weren't very easy to find once newer submissions displaced them on our front page, and you couldn't search them or sort them by date. We hope as we continue to build this out, it'll be a great, user-friendly way for people to find out what's happening in town.

AND (sneak peak!) the events calendar is also reflected on our brand new Montclair Local app, which you can download hereThe app is available in the Apple and Android app stores now.

The new calendar and Montclair Local app are both made possible through the recent relaunch of our website, part of a partnership with Townsquare Media (which happens to be my former employer). The site should be faster and easier to navigate, with a more modern appearance and a bunch of small tweaks and additions. We're building on top of our new platform as we go — the calendar is the latest part of that, but won't be the last.

At its launch no April 20, the calendar has all the items that appear in the April 21 Montclair Local print edition's calendar, but we're continuing to build on it from there. We've got plenty of submissions in our file planned for future weeks' issues, including in our April 28 special insert, which will include an expanded month-long calendar for May. So if your event is still a few weeks out and you don't see it yet online — we're working on it, and you'll see these listings get more complete by the day.

Thanks as always for all the support you've shown Montclair Local.

— Louis C. Hochman, Editor & CEO