Friday, Aug. 26, was Women’s Equality Day, or this year, it was Women’s (In)equality Day. To acknowledge this day, the League of Women Voters of the Montclair Area supports the passage of the Reproductive Equity Act.

Since the end of Roe v. Wade, states across the nation have instituted draconian laws that have affected anyone with a uterus and forced them to either carry to term or seek help elsewhere.

In New Jersey, the right to contraception and abortion is guaranteed by the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act, signed into law earlier this year. Now there is an urgent need to pass the Reproductive Equity Act (A4350/S2918). This will make it easier to provide access to anyone who needs it. It mandates insurance plans in New Jersey cover abortion and contraception. 

Not only will this protect women and others with uteri who live in New Jersey, but it will also aid those seeking care from states that have outlawed the procedure that has turned women’s and trans men’s bodies into government property and second-class citizenship. This bill will assure equal access to reproductive care for anyone capable of pregnancy unable to pay for the procedure.

By passing the REA, New Jersey can be a national leader on reproductive health care justice by ensuring that everyone, regardless of income, insurance coverage, or citizenship status can access the care they need to make such private personal decisions that are best for their lives. Please tell your legislators to support this bill.

Elizabeth Milner

The writer is the president of the League of Women Voters of the Montclair Area.