Montclair's Sean Spiller is among more than 100 mayors to sign on to a letter calling for expanded background checks for gun purchases.

He's one of just two New Jersey mayors to sign on to the letter by Everytown for Gun safety so far — the other being Colleen Mahr of Fanwood. The signers support legislation recently passed by the House, but facing more resistance in the U.S. Senate, that would require checks for people purchasing firearms from private sellers online or at gun shows. Currently, checks are only required for purchases from licensed dealers.

Legislation passed by the House would also expand the time the FBI has to conduct background checks, from three days to 10.

"Background checks are the backbone of any comprehensive gun violence prevention strategy; they keep our communities safer and are associated with reduced rates of firearm homicide, suicide, and firearm trafficking," the Everytown letter states.

President Joe Biden earlier this month introduced a series of measures intended to stem gun violence, including a two-month review of so-called "ghost guns" (homemade or #D-printed firearms) that could lead to a ban. An executive order would require pistols with stabilizers to be registered and require a more involved application process.

"Thank you @POTUS for showing leadership today in the fight to end gun violence," Spiller wrote on Facebook last week. "Now, the Senate has to do their part. Today, I’m joining my fellow #MayorsAgainstIllegalGuns members and urging the Senate to act on background

He linked to the letter and included one more hashtag — "#MoreThanThoughtsAndPrayers."

— Louis C. Hochman