Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), NJ Teen Safe Driving Coalition along with the Montclair Police Department, Fire Department and Montclair Ambulance Unit put together a crash demonstration on Wednesday May 15 at Montclair High School during the eighth annual Teen Driving Safety event to raise awareness and show the dangers of distracted and drunk driving.  

Students were afforded an opportunity to wear DWI goggles that simulate impairment while operating a pedal-powered cart along a course set up with cones, the SIDNE machine inside the gym which also simulates impairment and enjoyed hot dogs and chips served by Montclair Officers and SADD students.

There was also a crash simulation in the street that demonstrated an emergency response by Police, Fire and EMS.  

One of the vehicles has been left on the front lawn of the MHS to remind the kids, especially during prom season, to be attentive and not to drink or text while driving.