The Montclair Orchestra will be performing live this summer, with two concerts in Morristown. These upcoming performances will be the first live concert programs since March 8, 2020, when it presented a full orchestra concert featuring international violin phenom Richard Lin prior to the pandemic shutdown.

The first concert will be on Sunday, July 25, titled “Strings of Summer” and will include string sextets by Antonin Dvorak and Richard Strauss, as well as “Silver Bells and Golden Sand,” a work by Morristown-Beard School graduate Kailyn Williams that was awarded first place in the 2020 New Jersey Music Teachers Association competition.

On Sunday, Aug. 1, the second concert titled “Percussive Harmony” will take place, featuring a wide variety of music from classical through contemporary composers on a variety of percussion instruments including drums, marimbas, and even unusual components such as paper bags and a typewriter.

Both concerts will take place at the Morris Museum in Morristown as part of their summer concert series, and will feature Montclair Orchestra fellows and professional mentors from some of the best known music institutions in the world.

Tickets are available through The Morris Museum, and additional information can be found online at