Richard Fleming left Montclair police headquarters on July 7 for the final time in his nearly 50 years of service with the township.

Fleming joined the Montclair Police Department in 1972 as a deputy police officer. In 2006 he retired from police duty and became the department custodian.

Members of the Police Department, Montclair Municipal Court and Montclair Fire Department waited outside police headquarters to surprise Fleming and give him a well-deserved retirement send-off.

“Mr. Fleming is truly a large part of the history of this department,” Police Chief Todd Conforti said. “He saw all of us hired and progress through our careers, always offering us assistance, and willing to share his knowledge and experience.

“Mr. Fleming was also instrumental in keeping police headquarters operating as safely as possible during the worst of the COVID pandemic. He will be truly missed by all, and we hope that he visits us often.”