The Montclair Police Department sent 55 retired bulletproof vests to volunteer medical workers in Ukraine. 

The vests were sent to Instytut Ratownictwa Medycznego (The Institute for Emergency Medicine) and Medycyna Praktyczna (Medicine in Practice), according to a Montclair Police announcement.

The two organizations are based in Poland and provide donated medical supplies for hospitals and rescue teams operating in areas affected by the war, the announcement says. They have a network of trusted drivers who deliver equipment and supplies to hotspots in Ukraine, including Kharkiv, Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv.


Volunteers and medical workers help to deliver supplies in Ukraine. (COURTESY MONTCLAIR POLICE)
Ukrainian medical workers and volunteers distribute supplies. (COURTESY MONTCLAIR POLICE)
Medical workers deliver supplies around Ukraine. (COURTESY MONTCLAIR POLICE)