Montclair police are following school buses in unmarked vehicles, looking to spot instances of aggressive driving near the buses and failure to stop for them, police announced this week.

"The goal is to address the ongoing safety issues and concerns in Montclair, and sadly the tragedies we have seen across the country," the Montclair Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Police are asking that residents aware of problem areas contact Officer John Bossolt at 973-509-4738.

Passing a school bus with its stop sign out and flashing red lights on is illegal.

When heading in the same direction as a school bus, the law always requires stopping at least 25 feet from it when its flashing lights are on. The same applies when going in the opposite direction, unless on a divided highway or other road with a physical barrier separating vehicles traveling in each direction.

Even on a divided highway, a vehicle going the other direction can pass at no more than 10 mph.

Violation of the law results in a $100 fine and up to 15 days of community service for a first offense, under New Jersey law. Subsequent offenses can result in fines of $250 or more, and up to 15 days. Each violation caries five points on a driver's record.

— Montclair Local