By Louis C. Hochman

Montclair Public Schools will will operate on an abbreviated day or "curriculum Thursday" schedule on Tuesday, Feb. 2 because of this week's snowstorm.

The school district had previously announced it would hold an all-remote day, but updated its plans due do an increase in snow predictions.

Students were already out of school buildings, having been on remote learning since March. Elementary school students had been expected to return for hybrid learning last month, but an ongoing dispute with the local teachers' union has left their return in limbo.

All public school buildings will be closed Tuesday, and staff members in buildings will work remotely until then end of the abbreviated schedule, the school district said. Central office staff will work remotely until 2 p.m. Meals will be distributed Thursday.

Montclair Kimberley Academy announced Monday that it would hold all-remote classes on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

But Montclair Immaculate Conception High School is giving students the day off.

"[Tuesday] is a snow day and not a virtual day," the school wrote on Facebook Monday evening. "Stay safe and stay warm!"

The public school system was on an adjusted schedule Monday, and the private schools were both off.

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