With more residents making online purchases that require styrofoam packaging materials, Montclair will hold styrofoam recycling days in June and July. 

Residents can drop off their clean, hard, white styrofoam at the recycling center, 219 N. Fullerton Ave., Saturdays 9 a.m. to noon.

“People are getting a lot of styrofoam with their packaged deliveries, which winds up getting incinerated with our regular trash. That’s bad for the environment,” Lyle Landon of the Montclair Environmental Commission said.

Burning styrofoam can release unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide and black carbon into the air.

Items that will be accepted must be expanded polystyrene styrofoam material, which includes styrofoam coolers, blocks and film sheets. It typically will be marked with by the recycle symbol #6. Generally, furniture, appliances and electrical fixtures are packed in EPS.

Restaurant styrofoam takeout packages, cups, peanuts and egg cartoons will not be accepted. All recyclable materials should be in a clear plastic bag. Tape, stickers, labels and cardboard should be removed.

Two environmental commission members will be on hand to go through the bags to ensure they contain the correct recyclable materials.

Besides for the delivery of materials to Foam Pack Industries in Union County, the program is at no cost to the township. Foam Pack takes in the recycling for free, Landon said, adding that Glen Ridge currently uses the company for its styrofoam recycling program. 

Foam Pack takes in the EPS and recycles it into custom packaging material.

“Foam Pack Industries is committed to keeping the environment clean by preventing expanded polystyrene waste from entering our landfills,” according to its website.

June and July will be a pilot program to assess the need for future styrofoam recycling days.