The Montclair school district's $128,320,769 budget for the 2019-2020 school year has been approved.

The vote took place during a meeting of the Board of School Estimate at the George Inness Annex Thursday, April 4.

The budget includes a tax levy of $118,260,105.

For a household in Montclair with the average assessed value of $626,135 the school tax bill will be $10,518, which is about an $11 difference from what the BOE first presented. The increase from last year will be a two percent increase or $206 for the average homeowner.

The district had been facing a $2,2 million budget hole. A $820,000 reduction in the district's health insurance premiums has since brought that deficit down to $1,180,000. The district intends to cut several staff positions to close the gap, including the elimination of nine full-time paraprofessional positions and four full-time teaching positions.

The school district will receive $7,605,632 in aid this year, to the New Jersey Department of Education. Last year, Montclair received $7,428,526, a $177,106 difference from this year's amount.