The district is looking to hire a grant writer.

Under the terms of the job description, the grant manager will work with the board of education on identifying grants the district can apply for in order to supplement its budget.

The duties include conducting grant searches to identify local, state, federal and private funding sources; assembling grant applications; working with outside groups that may want to partner with the district; and assisting the district personnel on searching for funding opportunities.

No salary has been set for the position. According to the average education grant writer makes $72,000 in New Jersey.

The decision to hire someone to help search for outside funding sources was made at the board of Education’s annual board retreat, which was held at Charles H. Bullock School, on Monday, June 22. The agenda for the retreat stated the job was for a 10-month period, and the salary and benefits will be determined by the BOE. The grant manager will report to the office of the business administrator.

The board also went over the goals set last year to see if they were met.

BOE President Laura Hertzog said that the retreat had been a productive one.

She said that the board was considering holding an open forum with the public two to four times a year, as part of an effort to improve communications with parents and taxpayers.

After the last board retreat in July 2017, Montclair set up six goals. One of them, to hire a new superintendent before the start of the 2018-2019 school year, has been met. The goals for this year remain the same and are:

• Be an effective and efficient policy-making body that establishes and directs the district goals and provides effective oversight.

• Be responsible for setting policies that prioritize and support growth for all students.

• Be aware of and responsive to the communities varied values and priorities and...engage in respectful and timely interactions with the entire community.

• Build the capacity to assure the sound and fiscally responsible disposition of district resources to achieve its goals in a manner that benefits all children

• Make measurable progress to becoming a district where race, ethnicity and/or socio-economic status do not predict student achievement.

Once a year, Montclair’s Board of Education holds a retreat to plan for the upcoming year.