Police were notified Thursday of a possible security threat at Montclair High School, after the district reported that a student may have been intending to harm other students.

"Yesterday afternoon, Montclair High School administration received information regarding the possibility of a threat to student safety and security by one of our students," MHS Principal Anthony Grosso said in a letter sent to parents on Friday, Jan. 18.

The police were notified, and worked with the school on an investigation.

"Through partnership with the Montclair Police Department, it was concluded late last night that the student in question would not pose a risk. At no time was there an immediate danger to students or staff," Grosso wrote.

The letter did not elaborate on the nature of the threat, including what action the student allegedly planned to take. School officials would not comment on rumors, circulated over social media, that a student may have assembled a "hit list" with other students' names.

The matter came to the school's attention when students notified staff, according to the letter.

"Montclair High School greatly appreciates and thanks the students who intervened and brought this sensitive information to administration," Grosso wrote.