Montclair residents may notice an unusual smell to their water, but officials say water quality should not be of concern. 

Gary Obszarny, director of the Montclair Water Bureau and Sewer Utility, said recent temperature swings and heavy downpours are to blame for the odor, which several members of the Secret Montclair Facebook group described as like sulfur, or rotten eggs. The reservoir used by supplier North Jersey District Water Supply had been required to increase chlorine use, he said in a message provided via township spokeswoman Katya Wowk. 

“This can cause a change in water taste and odor, but does not affect the water quality meeting [state Department of Environmental Protection] regulations,” Obszarny said. 

Additional heavy rains could mean “potentially adding” to the situation, Obszarny said. He apologized for any inconvenience. 

Charles Brooks, a Montclair resident, told Montclair Local by email that since earlier last month, the water in his kitchen and bathroom smelled. He described it as “the kind of smell you might get in a rural, lakefront or forest area, where there is possible residential runoff,” and said he didn’t smell chlorine, but said he’d been told by the township officials that they weren’t aware of any issue affecting water quality. Brooks planned to follow up with the DEP.

Our water has never smelled like this,” he said.

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