Some of Montclair's teaching staff got two paychecks in their direct deposit this week.

Beth Albert, Montclair Education Association communications chair, confirmed that some staff received two paychecks in their direct deposit, but she couldn't confirm whether all staff were affected.

Interim Superintendent Nathan Parker said Wednesday evening that the bank issued duplicate deposits to staff accounts in error. The bank began recalling the duplicate checks once the mistake was realized, he said.

The double paychecks came to light on Wednesday, one day after staff did not receive their direct deposits as scheduled Tuesday morning.

The district sent an email of apology to staff about the delay in direct deposit. Interim Superintendent Nathan Parker said the direct deposits had not been scheduled far enough in advance, including taking into account the banks being closed for Columbus Day.

"I want to acknowledge that this error occurred and apologize for this situation as well as commend the Montclair staff members for their resilience. It is unacceptable that oversights have led to these mistakes and all involved will be held accountable. It is through accountability and my increased involvement that I will diligently put systems in place to prevent errors," Parker wrote.

On Tuesday afternoon, teachers held a rally on Valley Road and Church Street to protest ongoing delays in teachers receiving their contracted pay for 2019-2020, which has been delayed due to problems with the contracts that were supposed to have been approved over the summer. Teachers have been working at their 2017-2018 pay rates while the district determines the correct pay for staff. The delay in teachers receiving full pay has led to financial hardships for several staff members.