You'll soon be seeing more Bigbellies around town.

On Tuesday night the Township Council awarded a $43,800 contract to Bigbelly Solar Inc. to purchase 30 of its solar-powered, 150-gallon trash compactors. The firm will also service the sidewalk waste bins.

In August the local governing body authorized Acting Township manager Tim Stafford to prepare a bid request for more of the trash receptacles. That followed the successful deployment in February in downtown Montclair of 40 of the units from Bigbelly, which is based in Needham, Massachusetts.

At the August meeting a Bigbelly official said that the township gets alerts when a Bigbelly is 80 percent full and ready for pick-up, cutting down the number of trips that municipal sanitation workers have to make and reducing overtime costs.

The potential sites for the 30 new garbage receptacles are the South End, the Upper Montclair business district, Walnut Street and Bloomfield Avenue.