On Halloween night, Montclair TV34 will hold a horror movie marathon featuring six Boris Karloff films, with local horror film aficionado Ilmar Vanderer presenting commentary in between.

Halloween 2021 marks the 90th anniversary of Universal Studio’s 1931 film “Frankenstein,” the movie that catapulted Karloff to fame.

On Halloween, Vanderer will also be joined by the daughter of the King Of Horror," Sara Karloff," to introduce one of the films. Sara Karloff is one of a few remaining connections to classic Universal monster films. She is a popular guest at monster-themed events promoting and paying tribute to her father's legacy as a horror film icon, and will be in Montclair with Vanderer for a special screening of the Karloff documentary “Boris Karloff: the Man Behind the Monster” at Montclair State University Montclair on Oct. 26.

The film fright fest begins at 5 p.m. on Halloween. Each film will be prefaced with a brief introduction by Vanderer.

1) "The Old Dark House," 5 p.m. (1932, black and white, 1 hour and 12 minutes) — This model for spooky house movies and inspiration for "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" follows stranded travelers who spend a stormy night with a ghoulish household, and stars Karloff as a monstrous butler. With Melvyn Douglas, Gloria Stuart, Charles Laughton, Raymond Massey.

Ilmar Vanderer
Ilmar Vanderer

2) "The Ghoul," 6:15 to 6:30 p.m. (1933, black and white, 1 hour and 20 minutes) — Karloff's first British horror film is a follow-up to "The Mummy," about an Egyptologist who vows to return from the grave and haunt those who have betrayed him and robbed his priceless treasures. With Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Sir Ralph Richardson, Ernest Thesiger, Anthony Bushell.

3) "House of Frankenstein," 7:55 to 8:05 p.m. (1944, black and white, 1 hour and 10 minutes) — Karloff headlines this all-star monster epic and prototype for modern-day crossover films as a mad scientist who continues Dr. Frankenstein's experimenting with Dracula, The Wolf Man and Frankenstein's monster. With Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine, Lionel Atwill, George Zucco.

4) "The Haunted Strangler," 9:10 to 9:20 p.m. (1958, black and white, 1 hour and 18 minutes) — A fascinating variation on "Jekyll & Hyde" and Jack The Ripper features Karloff as a novelist whose growing obsession with investigating the identity of a notorious strangler has bizarre and horrifying consequences. With Jean Kent, Anthony Dawson, Desmond Roberts, Elizabeth Allan.

5) "The Terror," 10:40 to 10:50 p.m. (1963, color, 1 hour and 19 minutes) — Producer Roger Corman's legendary, low-budget thriller casts Karloff as a mysterious and macabre baron who inhabits an eerie castle where gruesome happenings attract the attention of a stranded Napoleanic soldier. With Jack Nicholson, Sandra Knight, Dick Miller, Jonathan Haze.

6) "The Comedy of Terrors," midnight to 12:15 a.m. (1964, color, 1 hour and 23 Minutes) — An all-star slapstick horror spoof and historic teaming of Karloff, Vincent Price, and Peter Lorre as comically conniving undertakers who ghoulishly conspire to improve their business by creating their own customers. With Basil Rathbone, Joyce Jameson, Joe E. Brown, Alan DeWitt.