By Jaimie Julia Winters

A Montclair woman was killed when she was struck by an eastbound NJ Transit train early Tuesday morning, Nov. 13.

Montclair resident Joan Juengling was hit by a train this morning.
Montclair resident Joan Juengling was hit by a train this morning.

The victim was identified as 28-year-old Joan Juengling, NJ Transit spokesperson Lisa Torbic said.

The Number 6200 train had just left Montclair State University heading into Penn Station New York when the incident occurred, just west of Watchung Avenue.

Ten people, including the crew, were on the train. No other injuries were reported, Torbic said.

Trains in both directions were suspended while NJ Transit police investigated. 

Juengling had been a manager at Dirt and Noise, a children’s clothing shop on Church Street, up until September, according to friends. Prior to that, she had worked at Dot Reeder, a clothing shop on Watchung Plaza. She had modeled on and off at various times in her life, and was trying to pick it back up again.

Jillian Keats who worked at Java Love, next door to Dirt and Noise, met Juengling in 2017. She recalled a day they spent together at Keats' art studio in Newark.

"Joan had pretty impeccable style and would jump from one look to the next, embodying a totally different mood with each wardrobe change. We explored the building for different backdrops [for photos], and at one point she climbed and sat in a window about 12 feet off the ground, while I dangled off a ladder to photograph her. She always seemed fearless and energetic like that, had so much potential," said Keats.

Torbic said the investigation was active and ongoing at this time, and referred any questions concerning cause of death to the Essex County Regional Medical Examiner's Office.