Out Montclair, the LGBTQ community group founded by Councilman Peter Yacobellis earlier this year, has announced the township’s first-ever Pride festival is scheduled for next summer.

Montclair Pride 2022 will be held on June 11, according to the nonprofit group, which announced the event with a video on its Facebook and Instagram accounts Thursday.  

The video features Montclair landmarks and businesses, and images of events Out Montclair has hosted this year. Yacobellis says in the video the event is not just about LGBTQ Pride, but pride in “everything that Montclair represents from our incredible performing arts venues and our museums to our hotels and our restaurants, all of our small businesses, everything that people that live here are proud of and that people like to come visit us for.” 

The organization said in its Facebook post the festival “will raise awareness and strengthen ties in our community and among all LGBTQ+ people and allies in the region.” 

Even though the organization is still working on the details for the event, the announcement post said it will be a day filled with art, culture, food, music and live performances to “uplift LGBTQ+ people, issues and history.” 

“Montclair has long been known as a welcoming place for LGBTQ+ people, where diversity is embraced and our community is drawn together,” the post quotes Yacobellis saying. “Montclair Pride will be the first time Montclair hosts a formal pride celebration to lift up those values in a joyful way and with a renewed resolve to be a home where all LGBTQ+ people can always be themselves and truly belong. Our first ever Pride festival will represent many of the amazing assets our community is rightly proud of.” 

The post said the event will feature local talent as well as special guests and celebrities to be showcased across Montclair institutions and businesses that are supporting the festival. News about keynote speakers, performers and venues will be shared soon, according to Out Montclair.

Throughout this year, and leading up to Montclair Pride, Out Montclair will host several events including its partnership with Montclair Film, including at the Montclair Film Festival in October.

“It’ll be the first time we’re bringing all of this together in one big celebration, not just for LGBT equality, but also for celebrating everything that makes Montclair special, including all of you,” Yacobellis said in the video. “And we’re just so, so, so excited to announce Montclair Pride, June 2022.”