The Frontline for the Arts march, originally scheduled for June 24, has been postponed until Aug. 12. Among the reasons the march has


been postponed is that Congress increased the NEA’s budget for FY17, said Nancy Klein, public relations and communications specialist at Jazz House Kids, in an email.

While “this doesn’t change the gloomy picture for FY18,” it did make the march somewhat less urgent.

The new date brings the march closer to the autumn consideration of the proposed budget, which eliminates the NEA and the NEH altogether.
The call to action will be staged on the grounds of the Montclair Jazz Festival on Aug. 12.

There will be a dedicated tent, with materials about the NEA to distribute that show what it funds and why cutting it would be disastrous, Klein wrote. “The beautiful thing is that the Festival itself receives a pretty generous NEA grant, making it very easy to show exactly the kind of thing we all stand to lose.”

For interim actions, check the group’s Facebook page:

—Gwen Orel