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In “Mother Matters,” parenting and life coach Loyla Louvis, AACC, provides parenting tips. She is dedicated to eliminating frustration in the parenting journey by customizing solutions to fit the uniqueness of each family. A mother of four children, she is experienced with single parenting, remarriage, home education, mentoring and teaching. Louvis runs Mothers in Training LLC, and is a certified professional parenting consultant/coach. More info can be found at


The summer mood has sailed and September rushes in its autumn vibe. School assignments and work schedules now compete for everyone's attention. Mother and child both scramble to acclimate to a quicker tempo.

Chaotic emotions often characterize this academic month with its new opportunities and higher expectations. A pleasant state of mind may seem unsustainable with all the busyness, but the wise mother will always find a way. 

To accomplish the many expectations of September in a pleasant state of mind, let us consider the following:


Compartmentalize the day: By mentally compartmentalizing the busiest hours of the day, responsibilities feel less daunting. If a typical day starts at 6 a.m. and ends at 9 p.m., split the day into three five-hour clusters. The day is more manageable when divided up into smaller parts instead of looking at it as a 15-hour day. 


Allocate tasks to segments: Associate daily tasks with each of the three segments to keep to-do lists from feeling endless. When all the responsibilities of a day merge in mind, tasks may seem overwhelming. For example, if energy levels are highest in the morning, assign the most physically demanding tasks to the first segment of the day. This first five-hour cluster can handle a heavier load, freeing up the next two time slots for less demanding commitments.

Conclude with a pause: Getting through each of the clustered hours is an accomplishment. Conclude each segment by stepping away from work to stretch, get outside, or talk to a friend. Scheduling a breather into the end of a morning frenzy assures that you will start the next phase of the day with new energy. When each segment concludes with a pause, exhaustion finds little opportunity to ruin the day.





Put expired segments away: Mentally shelve each portion of the day with its respective duties once the clustered hours have passed. For instance, an important project may weigh heavily on the mind all afternoon. But once the allocated hours have expired, let go of the project mentally. Those duties are behind you, and it's time to move on to the next segment. Tomorrow offers fresh energy and insight to tackle projects again, if necessary.


Decompress at day’s end: Decompress to alleviate fatigue or hyperactivity, which sometimes creeps into the final hours of the day. The last segment is best suited to activities which soothe and relax, not merely distract. For example, instead of watching TV, try taking a warm bath with Epsom salts and lavender oil to melt away stress physically. Toxins are released as muscles relax, the perfect setup for a good night's sleep. 

Regardless of age or level of responsibility, the demands of September can quickly lead to exhaustion or overwhelm for the unprepared. By restructuring the day to include segments, pauses, and soothing relaxation, the day is likely to be more enjoyable. For mother and child alike, there is no better way to accomplish the many tasks of September than to do so with a pleasant state of mind.