I love Montclair Local's classy Montclair Kids News section, where some of our younger citizens share their thoughts.

Kudos to Viola Folkenflik, a fourth grader at Hillside School on her “No Need for Speed” article in the March 17 paper, expressing the need for more conscientious driving around town.

As a local driver but probably better known as a pedestrian avidly speedwalking in Montclair Center, I believe that respect for one another on our streets and sidewalks is mandatory.

If a car gets to a crossing before I do, I usually give them a "high" sign to proceed. If I've already started to cross the street and they stop for me, I give them a "thumbs up" sign for gratitude.

I appreciate Viola's focus on drivers slowing down, looking ahead and looking behind their cars on main roads like Bloomfield Avenue, Valley Road and Grove Street.

Also, the specially-marked pedestrian crossings where you signal cars to stop — we gotta have a two-way entente. Cars stopping vs. screeching to a halt — this pedestrian looks at traffic movement on, say, Bloomfield Avenue and will wait to signal until there are few cars coming in either direction. Pedestrians just walking across the street and expecting cars to stop — no deal.

Let's hear more comments and suggestions from Montclair Local readers for safety and comfort for driving, walking and bicycling in our beautiful town of Montclair.

Wilma A. Hurwitz

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