Maj. Allyn Hubert Hobeck, retired U.S. Army Reserve, of Montclair, died on April 25, 2020.  

Born Aug. 18, 1937, Maj. Hobeck was in the Army for 24 years. Some eight to 10 of those years were spent as an enlisted/NCO soldier; he worked his way up to the rank of major.  

He was a man of conviction, strength, and vast knowledge.  He was very proud of being third-generation military, and even prouder that his son followed suit.  His father went off to World War II and he was left as a child to take care of his mother. He took this obligation very seriously.  

Maj. Hobeck was born in Cleveland, and his family moved to Boise, Idaho. He worked from a very young age, tending chickens and selling eggs door to door, working at Albertson’s in Idaho from age 13 to help support his family.  At 14, he opened a charge account with Sears so he could buy a winter coat.  Imagine how persuasive he must have been to accomplish that feat.  

He could trace his paternal line back to the 1200s and had a family tree to prove it.  He loved to read about history and never lacked for conversation about anything.  When he was with engineers they thought he was one of them.  He could converse intelligently with anyone.  

He propelled himself forward from Idaho to New York working on a guidance system for NASA while working for Grumman.  When visiting the Kennedy Space Center, he pointed out the rocket that that system was used in with pride.  

Maj. Hobeck taught himself IT and went after any and all training he could obtain from the military and from civilian quarters.  He was a consultant for many years at Datronics, Inc. in Manhattan, and president of Delphi Synergistic Systems, Inc., his own IT consulting firm. When he retired from IT he assisted his wife in her law practice as an office manager.  

If he saw a homeless person near a restaurant he would take them in and pay for a meal and leave the person with a little extra and the knowledge that someone cared.  He did this more times than one can count.  

He was always so proud of his children and grandchildren and loved them dearly. He often boasted about his daughter Jennifer and her spirit, intelligence and skill in the medical field, her expertise in creating simulation labs for paramedics, and the worldwide recognition she attained.  

He was proud of his son for his many accomplishments in the private sector and in the military.  He was proud of his son-in-law, who is the director of emergency services at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway.  He was very proud to have served his country.

At age 82, he went after and succeeded in obtaining a job as a census taker.  He was a strong man who had a never-give-up attitude. He fought a warrior’s battle for a month trying to beat COVID-19, but his body would not cooperate with his mind.  

He leaves behind a legacy of love, courage, honor, strength and determination.  He will be greatly missed by everyone whose life he touched. He was known around Montclair, where he resided for the last 35 years, for always wearing his Crocodile Dundee hat.  May he rest in peace with his beloved family who went before him.

He is survived by his wife of 33 years, Rosalind; son Brian and daughter Jennifer; grandchildren Catherine, Hannah, TJ, and Daniel, and son-in-law Terrence McCarthy.  

Thank you to the Lehrer-Gibilisco Funeral Home of Rahway for its compassionate services in connection with burial arrangements.  Maj. Hobeck was interred at Brigadier Gen. William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery on May 1 and will be accorded a ceremony with full military honors as soon as possible.

His causes included St. Jude Hospital, Shriner’s Hospitals, and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.