Jeanne S. Krausman, a lifelong music teacher and a resident of Montclair since 1996, died on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2021. She was 96.

Mrs. Krausman was born in Bronxville, New York. She received her degree in music from New York University and later taught piano while her husband, Bernard, practiced law. 

After he died in 1961, she received a degree in education and taught at Bushwick High School in Brooklyn for more than 20 years.

After spending most of her life in Brooklyn, she moved to Montclair, where she taught choral music at the School of Continuing Education at the Montclair Public Library. 

When the library ended the class on its premises, Mrs. Krausman continued the meetings in her home. The group performed for numerous senior citizen and veterans facilities, entertaining the residents with popular tunes from their youth.

“The piano always has a place of honor in my living room,” she told one online publication in an interview when she was 85. “I started playing at the age of 4, when my brother was late for his piano lesson. His teacher had time to spare while waiting around, and I was eager to learn.” 

Mrs. Krausman continued taking lessons well into her 90s, venturing into Manhattan to study with the renowned pianist and teacher Seymour Bernstein. 

She was involved with creating choral groups at synagogues in Brooklyn and Montclair, as well as at the famed Actors’ Temple in Manhattan, where she led cantatas for several years. She was still leading choral groups until COVID curtailed most in-person gatherings. 

Mrs. Krausman was always planning her next recital, and the next one, and the next one. When she turned 89 she gave a recital, explaining, “Why wait until I’m 90?” 

In an interview aired on Montclair local cable when she was named Senior of the Month, shortly before her 93rd birthday, she said, “I was always at the piano.” She was so full of information and a desire to share knowledge that the poor interviewer barely got in a word.

Mrs. Krausman is survived by her daughters, Ruth and her wife, Teresa Duffy; Faith and her husband, Ron Kaplan, and their daughter, Rachel.

Services were held Dec. 16.

Donations in her honor may be sent to the Actors’ Temple at PO Box 2620, New York, NY 10108-2620, or at