Judy Weston
Judy Weston

Judy Weston, 87, passed away surrounded by her loving family on Oct. 9, 2020.

Mrs. Weston was well-known throughout the community for her compassion and giving back to others.

Together with her husband Josh, she initiated and funded a Montclair teacher recognition program, which over its 25-year history recognized some 300 teachers who were nominated by students, peers and parents. They funded and oversaw the Weston Science Scholars Program for deserving Montclair High School seniors to do laboratory work at Montclair State University, with college faculty as their mentors. Since 2000, over 700 Montclair students have participated, and many of its earliest alumni are now launched in successful medical and science careers.

She was born on Feb. 27, 1933, in Brooklyn, N.Y., to Beatrice and Max Hirsch. She graduated from Brooklyn College and later earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Montclair State University. She served for 10 years as a social worker at Jewish Vocational Services. Later on, she served as President of the Montclair Adult School.

She married her husband, Josh Weston in 1954. They moved to Montclair, N.J., where they raised their four children, Eric, Ronald, Hilary, and Heather and have lived there for more than 60 years as active members of the Montclair community.

Mrs.Weston’s unconditional love and support extended well beyond the immediate family.  Her inexhaustible compassion and generosity overflowed to scores of relatives, friends, and acquaintances. There are countless stories of Judy’s empathy and generosity wherein she improved the lives of many.  

She also sponsored and funded the annual Weston Scholars programs for some 800 high school seniors over 20 years, sponsored and funded the Montclair Robotics program,
funded the High School 3D Innovation Laboratory which is now in the HS curriculum, funded the Fortunato Field House, helped fund the Montclair State University Innovation lab, funded a Mountainside Hospital's Emergency Room and funded  halls in the Montclair Art Museum, the Montclair Film Festival, and Food Bank distribution, said her her husband.
She has been an advisor to the last seven school superintendents, as well, according to her husband.

Mrs. Weston’s passion for education extended to her personal volunteer work at the American Museum of Natural History, where for many years she served as a docent for visiting student groups and also served on the Museum’s Board of Trustees.

In addition, Mrs. Weston had a mailing list of many dozens of people to whom she would send birthday cards, milestone recognitions, and significant financial support, for many, many years. 

Mrs. Weston gave in other ways as well. She left a soda or cocoa for the mailman every day. She chased down the garbage collection truck to give tips to the workers. She gave her old sewing machines to refugees so they could start a business. She didn’t sell her old cars when she got a new one, instead giving them to someone who needed it to commute to college or carpool to work. Mrs. Weston also helped many a young person pay for college. She bought bags of groceries for countless families to help them through difficult times. If she saw someone in need, she would approach them with a $20 bill and say she thought they dropped the bill, so she could help them and preserve their dignity. 

Mrs. Weston loved dance, and expressed that love in her traditional way – by helping others. She taught dance to elementary school kids in Montclair in the 1970s and was later an enthusiastic supporter and active board member of the National Dance Institute, which provides in-school dance instruction to many thousands of students in several cities.  

And, although Mrs. Weston gave without wanting anything back, she got much back in return.  She had deep friendships and meaningful relationships with many people.  Indeed, over the last several months, she was showered with emails, letters, calls and gifts of people expressing their appreciation and sharing their love. She was so grateful to hear from all. 

Mrs. Weston was a generous, loving mother, grandmother and, most recently, a great grandmother.  As any of her children or grandchildren would tell you, she cared deeply that they were safe, happy, kind, well fed, and sitting up straight. 

Mrs. Weston is survived by her husband Josh, her four married children Eric (Barbara), Ron (Debbie), Hilary (Alex) and Heather (Rich), her eight grandchildren – Samantha, Kimberly, Bryan, Adam, Siena, Michael, Joseph and James, and her two great grandchildren Remmington and Emerson.

In lieu of flowers or gifts, please feel free to honor Mrs. Weston with a donation to one of her favorite charities the (National Dance Institute or the Community Food Bank of New Jersey) and vote for Joe Biden/Kamala Harris.