I am proud to endorse the Montclair 2020 Team in this year’s municipal election.

After reviewing platforms and the candidate forum, I am convinced that this Team is best positioned to carry on the unprecedented accomplishments of the last eight years.

Sean Spiller, Bob Russo, Bill Hurlock, and Robin Schlager were integral members of a Team that produced:

  • 27% increase in property values
  • 4 years of zero increases in municipal taxes
  • $60 million reduction in municipal debt: $223 million to $163 million
  • AAA bond rating -up from an underperforming AA-
  • Record level investments in neglected roads, utilities, parks, vehicles, and equipment
  • Enhanced, award-winning services and programs for senior citizens
  • 100% of affordable housing dedicated to Montclair residents
  • Leading-edge environmental initiatives e.g. plastic bag ban and clean energy aggregation
  • Professional, civil Township governance

The addition of strong members Roger Terry and Lori Price Abrams to the Team will enhance its ability to deliver high impact, sustainable results.  I am confident that the Montclair 2020 Team is the best choice for Montclair!

I also want to note that this year’s election cycle has brought some promising new faces to our attention.  Lori Price Abrams will be an invaluable asset. David Cummings, running unopposed in the Fourth Ward, can make a valuable contribution.  Further, while Mr. Russo and Mr. Terry have my full support and bring the experience and seasoned perspective so desperately needed during this health crisis, I believe that Mr. Cotter and Mr. Yacobellis will be leaders in the future.

If you have lived in Montclair for less than eight years, you assume that your road will be curbed and paved; that your Town will be in top 5% of NJ municipalities financially; that your municipal taxes will not increase; and that your Town is envied as “The Town” in the tristate region.

If your tenure in Montclair is just a few years more, you know so much better.  You know what a dysfunctional and rudderless government looks like and the calamity it produces.  We cannot go back to those awful times!

I urge Montclair voters to keep the momentum going.

Elect the Team that restored the luster to Montclair governance.

Elect the Team that will lead Montclair into its bright future.

Elect Montclair 2020!

Robert Jackson has served as Montclair's mayor since 2012.