Our Mission

Cytonn Photography via Unsplash
Cytonn Photography via Unsplash

The mission of the Montclair Local is to make our hometown stronger through independent, in-depth, factual reporting on the issues and events that affect you; your tax dollars, your schools, your elected officials, the institutions and businesses that serve you, the restaurants and cultural events that enrich your life. We cover the people who make Montclair the engaged and vibrant community we call home.

The Local's professional journalists cover only what happens within the boundaries of Montclair. They are at the public meetings, store openings, and the local sports games. They are out talking to people, looking for the stories that matter. They are passionate about telling the stories of Montclair and living up to the highest standards of journalism.

The Issue

Real journalism like this, the kind that requires ingenuity, persistence and relationships to dig out facts, costs real money. But today, local journalism is under siege. A combination of forces, including the now-discredited idea that content should be free and anyone can produce it, has devastated local news organizations. Across the United States, one in four newspapers have been shut down since 2004, most of them community weeklies. According to the Pew Research Center, a majority of adults put a high value on coverage of their community, but only 17 percent said they pay for local coverage. That's not sustainable.

How You Can Help

Now, we need your help to make this level of excellence sustainable. We're transforming into a non-profit membership organization to ensure that the founding vision of a strong independent news organization focused on Montclair can thrive well into the future.

Some of the most renowned journalists in the country have joined us as trustees and advisors to support and strengthen the Montclair Local. If you're a subscriber, thank you! You automatically become a member this year. If you're not a subscriber, please join the movement and become a member HERE. Help support the Montclair Local's mission of journalism that perpetuates civic engagement and an informed citizenry that understands what's happening in Montclair. Our town deserves a robust local news organization and to keep the Montclair Local going strong, we need your support.