Although I had a great experience at Bloomfield’s RISE recreational pot shop this weekend, I am concerned about the lack of edibles at the shop.

RISE personnel told me they had run out of edibles, and they did not know when a new supply would arrive.

I am especially concerned, because the available edibles listed on the shop’s website is very limited to begin with, nothing like the broad array available at the company’s Boston outlets.

I understand that RISE may be dealing with production and supply chain issues as they launch their service, but I hope the Bloomfield shop will soon accommodate those of us who prefer edibles over smoking the magical weed.

In any event, I praise the RISE personnel and their celebratory approach to helping customers. What a fine group of young people. I never imagined that I would be able to legally purchase marijuana in my native state at the age of 77!

Harry W. Haines

Editor's note: New Jersey law does not allow the purchase of perishable edibles such as baked goods, or candy-style marijuana treats, but does allow dried marijuana flower, concentrate, drops, syrups, tinctures and other edibles that are not traditional food.

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