A payroll issue resulted in Montclair public school teachers receiving less than their full paycheck during the first week of school.

Teachers received their first pay stubs of the school year Friday, Sept. 13, only for many to find that they had received, in some cases, hundreds of dollars less than they should have.

The mistake affected hundreds of staff members, said Montclair Education Association communications director Beth Albert. Several of those affected, who asked not to be identified, said their paychecks were short by amounts ranging from $80 to $300.

Albert said there was an extra deduction for health benefits on the pay stubs, which should not have been there. She added that the district’s central office admitted that there had been a mistake, and that the office began processing additional paychecks for the amount that was deducted.

“Not just one building, it’s across the board,” Albert said. “This is quite a chaotic start to the school year.”

Interim superintendent Nathan Parker acknowledged that the error was a significant inconvenience to district staff. He said the mistake was the result of a glitch, but could not provide any further information on how the deduction had appeared on the pay stubs.

Parker also confirmed that the central office was adjusting the pay numbers and processing checks today, for the benefit of staffers who wanted to have their correct paycheck before the weekend.

As of Friday afternoon, staffers were being asked to come to the district’s main office to pick up paper checks with the reimbursement for the deduction on them. For staffers who could not pick up their checks in person, checks were being sent to the schools.

Board of Education President Eve Robinson declined comment on the matter, and referred the matter to district administration.

CLARIFICATION: This story has been updated with information on the checks issued to staff members.