PSE&G has started doing a number of upgrades near Yantacaw Brook Park, work that includes replacing 16 utility poles and installing 11,000 feet of new wiring, according to the Newark-based company.

The electric-system improvements are slated for backyards east of Yantacaw Brook Park, off Yantacaw Brook Road, PSE&G said in a press release last week.

As part of the first phase of the work throughout January PSE&G representatives will go door to door to speak with homeowners about the upgrades, the company said. The tree trimming and pole installations will be done over the course of the next year, block by block, according to the utility.

As part of the work PSE&G will also trim trees “to help reduce potential outages caused by tree branches either coming in contact with or falling on overhead wires,” PSE&G spokeswoman Brooke Houston said in an email this week.

The replacement poles will be about five feet higher than the existing 30-foot poles, with the upgrades expected to “improve system reliability and help prevent electric outages for years to come,” PSE&G said in its press release.

Three wires run along the route that will be upgraded, Houston said, and roughly 11,000 feet of new wire will be installed, which is the amount of wiring not the length of the route.

PSE&G doesn’t expect to have any outages in order to do the improvements, but if for some reason they become necessary homeowners will be notified, Houston said.

“These upgrades will result in a more resilient electric infrastructure in this area that will be safer for our line personnel to work on when making repairs or performing maintenance,” she said.

“This will help to reduce restoration times associated with outages during weather-related events. Tree trimming and pole replacements began last week. The anticipated completion date for the work is spring of 2018.”

Residents with any questions or concerns should call 866-321-1699.