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Spring has finally sprung, and it’s time to do some personal spring cleaning. Yes, my pretties, you’ve been hibernating and slogging through the woes of winter while wearing Fargo hats. Get ready to brighten up, spruce up and feel fabulous again.

Erica Ludwig, Master Stylist at Parlor Hair Studio helped me understand the most popular hair coloring techniques.

Thinking about Balayage? It means a sweeping motion in French, which is what is done as your hair is custom painted by brush with color, creating an ombre effect. It goes from dark to light and can tone down some of the ashier sections of your hair. In my case, I got rid of the light blond color from last summer at the pool, which washed out my skin tone. Finally back to all of my “natural” colors, I love the warm auburn, red and gold tones we chose. Ah, but reds fade since the hair molecules are larger so they don’t go deeply into the hair cuticle. Well worth it for me. I find different hues in my hair every day. Erica is my girl, with the most beautiful long, curly locks herself. She’s the color and curly hair whisperer.

The coloring process usually lasts for four to six months, with a color glaze applied every 4 weeks as a refresher if needed. I’ve seen the first signs of brightly colored hair, with fuchsia and blue always popular choices. This trend is here to stay, and Erica believes that there isn’t any age too old to make a bright and bold statement. So, go colorful, go curly, go shaggy. Yes, shag hair cuts are back in vogue again.

There’s nothing like a good old neighborhood barber shop, and I visited with owners Jeff and Patrick Beckett at New Creations Unisex Salon. Born and bred in Montclair, the brothers received their cosmetology licenses and opened up their business in 1997. Shave and a haircut? Locals call it “The Barbershop” and their clients are both male and female. I got the scoop on a new technique they use, called Sponge Top. Pat uses a special large sponge with round holes interspersed on top which leaves natural hair covered in short, geometric round curls. Beards are here to stay, along with shaved heads (usually for men but occasionally seen on women). I asked Jeff whether men cut down their long beards for the warm weather, and he told me that most of his clients have them trimmed a bit, along with cutting their hair much closer to their heads for the season. Go brave and get a hair design buzzed in as well. I was surprised that they also do color and perms at the shop, both taking appointments and walk ins.

Lost lots of lashes from snow and sleet hitting your face all winter? Lure Lash has the cure for you. Owner Carmela Martinez took me on a walk through the large and beautifully decorated shop, which received the township’s first lash salon license five years ago. The focus is on lashes, but the technicians do brow and lip waxing, facials and makeup application too. Carmela chose Montclair because it is “a bustling town and has everything you want here. Why go to Manhattan?”

With and without eyelash application. PHOTO COURTESY CARMELA MARTINEZ

You can have longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes with eyelash extensions of individually applied synthetic hairs attached by a specially formulated bonding agent. This maintains the integrity of your natural lashes and requires fill ins as needed, every one to three weeks. Our natural eyelashes fall out every day without notice, but when you notice sparseness or have very light or thin lashes; you can “Transform your eyes, one lash at time.” That’s Lure Lash’s slogan, and I noticed the difference in the clients’ eyes after application. The black or brown lashes weren’t fake looking, theatrical, too long or made them look like butterflies. You know what I mean.

As expected, the clients are female, but Carmela said that her two male clients who are models and actors come in to have their brows defined.

We feel pretty, oh so pretty and ready for beach and pool season. I’ll help you out with that in a future column, from tip to toe.

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