An unspecified safety threat was reported at Montclair High School Tuesday morning.

In a letter sent to Montclair High School parents, Principal Anthony Grosso said students at the high school learned of a threat involving a student, and reported it to school administration.

Grosso said high school officials and the Montclair Police Department immediately worked together to identify the student in question and assess the validity of the threat. He did not say what the threat entailed.

Police Lt. David O'Dowd said that on Tuesday, May 7, high school officials and the school resource officer were alerted of a threat circulating on social media.

Detectives located the student who allegedly did the posting and conducted an investigation. Police determined that the student did not have access to any weapons, and that there was no immediate threat to students or the school, said O'Dowd.

"Contrary to misinformation that is being shared on social media, there have been no prior reports of threatening behavior concerning the involved student," said O'Dowd.

The student was assessed by school personnel and the Montclair Police Department and it was determined that there is no immediate danger to students or staff, Grasso wrote to parents.

Counselors at the school will be available to the students if needed.

Grosso sent a follow-up message to students on Wednesday assuring them that the school was safe and that there was no safety risk.

"Please know that MHS would never have opened today if we and the Montclair Police Department felt there was a risk to student and staff safety," he wrote.