Vanguard Theater Company continues its “Broadway on Bloomfield” series — and is celebrating Montclair Local as it once again brings stars of hit musicals west of the Hudson, to Montclair.

The upcoming installment, at 7 p.m. on Dec. 7, stars Elena Ricardo of “Beautiful” and “Mamma Mia” on Broadway, as well as Paul A. Schaeffer of “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway.

When theater-goers purchase their $30 tickets at, they’ll be asked to make an optional donation to Montclair Local Nonprofit News. Any amount a patron chooses to give goes to support the journalism our newspaper has been proud to provide since 2017. Montclair Local was founded on the belief that the community is at its best when the people of Montclair have the information they need to be empowered and connected — and to protect journalism even as other local community newspapers cut back or shut down. That includes coverage of Montclair’s vibrant arts and culture.

Montclair Local recently celebrated an extraordinary milestone in its “Save Montclair Local” campaign. It surpassed $230,000 in pledged or received memberships and donations for the fourth quarter of this year — enough, when factored in with Montclair Local’s other expected expenses and revenue, to keep the paper operating at current levels into late 2022 while it continues to work toward long-term sustainability. It’s an important start in making sure Montclair Local is with you for years and years to come.

It was made possible because of the generosity of hundreds of donors at all levels, and all are deeply appreciated.

To celebrate, Montclair Local invites some of its most generous donors, those who’ve given $1,000 or more in the past year (or at the time of their ticket purchase), to join representatives of the newspaper at a wine and cheese reception starting at 6 p.m at Vanguard on Dec. 7. It’s a very small gesture of thanks to just some of the many people who continue to make our mission possible.

And we hope you’ll stick around for the show, to hear the extraordinary voices of Elena Ricardo and Paul A. Schaeffer.

We’ll see you at Vanguard Theater Company, in its new home at 180 Bloomfield Avenue on Dec. 7. It promises to be a fantastic night.