In a town that went 90% for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, historical records show a complete reversal over the past 100+ years, when Montclair's voters regularly went 90% for Republican candidates. How did this change occur?

Maureen Edelson, a former Republican candidate for Essex County sheriff and self-described local history buff, is calling for Montclair Republicans, or those whose parents and grandparents and other relatives were Montclair Republicans, to reach out to her to share their memories, perspectives and opinions.

She asks: Did the social appeals of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sway forebears from one column to the other in the 1930s? Or was it Republican Tom Kean's endorsement of a state income tax that pushed conservative voters away from the New Jersey GOP in the 1970s?

Edelson is interested in finding out more of the history of a town that hosted not only ward-specific Republican clubs, but an Italian Republican Club and what were called “Colored Republicans” in that era of segregation.

Families and Montclair GOP members can contact Edelson at  for more information and to share their stories.