Walk. Talk. Taste Montclair!

Montclair History Center

Sunday, Dec. 10, 2 p.m.

mail@montclairhistorical.org, 973-744-1796 to register

For Montclair Local

The Montclair History Center will serve some of the best dishes the town has to offer at its “Walk. Talk. Taste Montclair!” food tour on Sunday, Dec. 10.

The launch of the Walk, Talk, Taste series took place on Nov. 5. The sold-out inaugural tour took participants to Greek Taverna, Vital, Villalobos, Mesob, Ah’ Pizz, Pig and Prince, and Ani Ramen.

The December tour will likely visit the same restaurants. People eat at every stop, and learn about history. Greek Taverna was originally Mullen’s Livery, then became the Stearington House, a nightclub, in the mid 1900s, said Jane Eliasof, executive director of the Montclair History Center, in an email.


“We do a lot of walking tours, but we wanted to add another dimension to it, so we spoke to Israel Cronk of the Montclair BID [Business Improvement District] about putting on a food tour,” said Eliasof. “He was excited about it and he put us in touch with Jason Gleason, [manager] of the Pig and Prince. Jason connected us with other restaurants in town.”

The Montclair History Center was established in 1965 to save the Israel Crane House. It now has four historical homes, a microfarm, a library, and an extensive archive collection. Until early this year, it was known as the Montclair Historical Society.

Eliasof pointed out that the tour begins at Lackawanna Plaza, which highlights the importance of the railroad to Montclair’s development.

“We talk about the history of Montclair from a social perspective,” she said. “We discuss everything from 1694 and the first sawmill to the 1950s and ’60s. It really is a comprehensive tour.”

The approximately three-hour tour is about a mile and a half walk. It ends at the Pig and Prince, which has an elegant bar.

“This is just the beginning,” Eliasof said. “We’re doing lower Bloomfield Avenue now, but we foresee possibly an upper Bloomfield Avenue, and an Upper Montclair tour in the future.”

More walking means everyone can eat a lot more.

“We are going to be on hiatus for the winter, because it will be too cold to walk up Bloomfield Avenue, but we have the next one scheduled for April 28,” Eliasof said. The restaurants for that tour have not yet been determined.

MHC gave participants of the last tour a survey, and everyone marked it excellent, Eliasof said.

The “Walk. Talk. Taste Montclair!” food tour brings Montclair’s history together with its present.