by Andrew Garda

Coach Toure Weaver swears that his team hasn't even scratched its potential, despite a very strong showing in their 3-1 victory over the Livingston Lancers Friday afternoon.

If that's the case, the American Division had better watch out, because this Mounties team is going to be very dangerous.

Montclair scored their first goal on a penalty kick by senior Reece Bordict less than two minutes into the first half. Bordick's shot tore through defensive wall of Lancers and curved into the upper left hand corner of the goal.

Junior William Buttner added the second goal, a beautiful shot he slipped by Livingston keeper Elijah Elster in the 12th minute of the half.

The Mounties did a beautiful job moving the ball throughout the game, crisply moving the ball around the field and making Livingston run everywhere to keep up. The game was physical—Livingston ended up with two yellow cards and Buttner got banged up—but the Mounties never allowed themselves to get sucked into the rough play, staying relatively cool and calm.

Rowan O'Brien was very sharp in goal for MHS, allowing just one score on the day and making several nice saves to keep the Mounties in the lead.

Declan O'Sullivan sealed the Mounties' win in the 26th minute of the second half and MHS notched their first win of the season.

The Mounties next game will be on Wednesday, September 13 against Verona at Fortunato Field.

For for an in-depth look at the game with comments and quotes from players and coaches, pick up the September 14 edition of the Montclair Local or check that Thursday.