A developer is seeking a subdivision approval for a 0.72-acre lot at 96 High St. 

Platinum Interiors LLC has plans to subdivide a contiguous lot between High Street and Nishuane Road into three, keeping the current one-family home and garage and erecting two additional single-family residences. The current house front is on High Street and contains mature trees and a chain link fence along Nishuane Road, according to the planning report.

The property was purchased by Platinum Interiors in January for $621,000, according to deed records.

The lot is 101 feet wide, with a depth of 309 feet on one side and 333 feet on the other, and is in single-family residential zone. The two new lots would front Nishuane Road. The lot on High Street will contain the existing house and garage and will be larger than the other two lots, with a lot width of 100 feet and a lot depth of 178 feet. The two new lots will be smaller, with lot widths of 50 and 52 feet widths and lot depths of 134 and 146 feet.

Variances for minimum lot width and minimum lot depth are required for the two new lots on Nishuane Road.Required lot size is 60 feet by 156.27 feet. The first lot, containing the existing house and garage, will meet the requirement at 100 feet by 178.41. The proposed lots will not at 52.27 by 134.71 feet and 50.83 by 146.68 feet.

The majority of the lots on Nishuane Road near the subject property meet the minimum lot width requirement of 60 feet. Nine neighboring lots conform to the 60-foot lot width requirement, while five are 50 feet wide or less.

Last August the planning board allowed for a subdivisions on Washington Avenue allowing for two lots 50-by-150 in size, where 60 feet was required. The original house was retained on one lot and a new single-family home is being erected on the neighboring lot. There, 68 percent of the properties are below the 60-foot front width requirement; most were 50 feet or less.

In April 2017, the board approved the subdivision of the 2.5-acre Aubrey Lewis estate, allowing BNE Real Estate to demolish the house and then construct eight single-family houses. 

In November 2018, the zoning board approved the subdivision of the First Congregational Church of Montclair.  Two new homes are being built on Plymouth Street behind the church by developer Steven Plofker.

Municipal land-use laws require that development “promote and protect existing residential character and form in established neighborhoods.”

The planning board will hear the High Street application on July 8.