Dear Montclair property owners,

You have a confounding need, even obsession, to remove each individual leaf from your grounds. Because of your fear of autumn leaves, every single day since Oct. 15 I — and all other Montclair residents without this detrimental landscape need — endure the deafening noise of two-stroke leaf blowers for hours all day long.

At this writing, the five leaf blowers across the street are clocking in at four hours, nonstop. Thus, all morning, from the fourth floor of my building, every window shut, I am forced to listen to the earsplitting toxic noise of your favorite autumn pastime. Thank you.

Please never again define yourselves as liberal, progressive, or giving a damn about the environment and the destruction of the planet. There is no need to repeat the statistics about how damaging and toxic two-stroke leaf blowers are to individuals and our environment. This has been stated here ad nauseam but you don’t care. Your selfish obsession with your immaculately manicured property is all that matters to you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Judith Antelman


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