Today, Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost will wake up in a Montclair bedroom on national television.

The celebrity husband-and-wife pair came to Eagle Rock Way to film an Amazon Alexa ad, to be shown during Super Bowl LVI. In the spot, they let their imaginations get carried as they wonder what it would be like if Alexa could read their minds (spoiler alert: it would be rough on the power couple).

"It was fun but jarring to see ScarJo and Colin Jost waking up in my old bedroom, which looks about the same as it did when we lived there," Eleanor Walter, who sold the house in 2018, said.

The rest of the house has since been updated under the new owners, Walter said. (Those new owners would have worked out the deal to use their space for the ad; Walter and her husband, Todd, weren't involved. Montclair Local hasn't yet been able to connect with the new owners for comment.)

In the ad, Johansson and Jost are impressed when Jost tells his smart speaker that it's game day -- so Alexa turns on the TV, closes the blinds and starts chilling some rosé. Things get a bit less cozy when Alexa orders some mouthwash for Johanson as she exhales morning breath toward Jost in bed, and starts blasting a blender to drown out Jost chattering on about getting a spray tan before a funeral.

All in all, the pair agree it's best their smart home isn't psychic.