I’ll make this straightforward: We at Montclair Local need your help. And we’re very grateful for the many members and donors who provide it.

As a nonprofit, Montclair Local endeavors to be the community’s newsroom. We depend upon the trust, good graces and generosity of a community that believes, as we do, Montclair deserves to have journalists working every day to keep you informed, to help you stay engaged in our shared community, to celebrate your successes, to hold those you’ve trusted with power accountable for how they use it.

We’re looking to raise at least $200,000 this year toward our mission of providing sustainable, professional journalism in Montclair. We’ve been given a great opportunity to move closer to that goal.

Josh Weston — former CEO and chairman emeritus of Automatic Data Processing, and a supporter of several educational and charitable efforts in Montclair — has offered a challenge: If 20 people each provide a tax-deductible contribution of $1,000 or more to Montclair Local by the end of September, he’ll donate another $15,000.

The challenge only applies to new donors and to those who’ve given less than $1,000 before. But that means it’s open to most of our valued members (note: See MontclairLocal.news/membership if you’re not a member already, and receive our print edition each week).

We know not everyone can give, or give at that level. If you believe in what we’re doing and can afford to provide a smaller amount, know that you, too, will be helping to make independent journalism in Montclair possible.

But if you can give $1,000 or more, know that your dollars will go even further. 

Montclair is a special place, with a rich history and a vibrant culture. Its stories deserve to be told. We’re honored to do our work alongside the many people always working in Montclair’s service.

We’re continuing to work toward sustainability as a nonprofit organization. We thank Mr. Weston, and thank you, Montclair, for helping us along that path.

Donations can be made directly in the form below. Contact Director of Fundraising David Katowitz at katowitz@montclairlocal.news with any questions.